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Exploring Baskets

In the Explore section you're presented with a list of baskets already created on the system.
Each basket is represented by a card and contains different information, as shown below.
Explore Baskets section

Filtering Baskets

You are able to filter the basket by searching part of their name, or sorting them by amount, APY or name.

Portfolio Card Details

Each basket card summarises a number of characteristics related to the basket composition and performance. By looking at the card you're able to know the:
  • Name of the basket -> the name chosen by the basket owner
  • Estimated APY -> this number is calculated based on the relative allocation of each asset of the basket
  • Amount invested -> since each basket is connected to a single wallet address, this amount reflects the amount deposited into this particular basket. There might be more than one basket cloning the same strategy. However the summed amount of everyone wallet address using a particular strategy is not available in our user interface.
  • Asset icons and distribution -> a decorative logo for each asset is included, together with a brief descriptions of the asset and its percentile allocation within the basket.
  • Last 7 days performance -> the mini graph presents an idea of the basket performance in the last 7 days. Inside the portfolio details page you have the possibility to further explore the basket's performance in a larger graphic representation.