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Gifting or Transfering your Basket

One of the cool functionalities of Picnic is that you're able to gift or transfer a basket of assets to someone else. You just need to transfer the NFT that encapsulates your smart wallet to the destination wallet address (see more details of our architecture). This section will guide you through it. It's quite simple.
There are many ways of transferring an asset from your wallet address to another. This article will use OpenSea, the largest and most known NFT marketplace, as the tool to assist your transfer. However, you may use any other tool that recognises Picnic's NFT.
By doing this transaction, you'll transfer ownership of ALL ASSETS IN THAT BASKET to the destination wallet. You cannot undo this transaction. Therefore, make sure you know what you're doing beforehand.


Gifting or transferring a Picnic NFT is free of charge. The only cost you'll have is gas.

Accessing OpenSea

Your first step should be head to and connect your wallet. To do that, simply click on the wallet icon on the upper right corner.

Viewing you Baskets on OpenSea

After the connection is established, go to your profile page by clicking on your profile icon or accessing it through this link. In this page you'll have access to the Collected items, where you'll have a card for each NFT owned by your wallet.
Picnic's cards are presented with images such as the ones below. Note that they may differ is the basket is empty or not.

Transferring the Basket

When you click on the selected basket to be transferred, you'll open a dedicated page for that NFT. There, you'll have the option to transfer the NFT by clicking in the Transfer button (as shown below).
After selecting Transfer, a new modal window will show up for you to input the destination wallet address. After typing the address, you just need to approve the transaction with your wallet of choice and voila! The Basket is transferred to the happy new wallet address owner.