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Picnic Launch FAQ

A collection of the most common questions and answers for our launch

Q: Will it affect my investments?

A: No. All of your investments are implemented through our contracts deployed to Polygon and they're not being changed. So, you may rest assured that everything will remain the same in terms of security, custody and decentralization.
Q: How do I access Picnic?
A: Our domain changed to All access to will be redirected to this new domain.

Q: What are the main differences between legacy DeFi Basket and Picnic?

A: A lot has changed in our product. Let's list the most important ones:
  • UI/UX: we completely redesigned our investment and portfolio control flows. We reduced the amount of clicks, increased the information transparency, included new filters and sorting utilities, and others.
  • Token compatibility: we made available the possibility for you to invest using any token compatible with Picnic. Really, this is kind of magical: even LP tokens can be used as a deposit token for your investment.
  • Portfolio management tools: as DeFi users, we know how difficult it is to earn good and trustworthy yield in the crypto wild west. Exaggerated APYs, volatile prices, obscure rewards to claim, low liquidity, and much more. With Picnic, you just enjoy DeFi with the right information at your hand: APYs coming directly from DeFi Llama's Yields, awesome Profit & Loss to assess your investment against the US Dollar, CAGR for holistic asset class comparisons, automatic optimal routes, and much more.
  • Featured baskets: our Explore section is now divided between Featured and Community baskets. We saw that >80% of our users invested in our Stablecoins Maxi basket. This showed to us the power that pre-designed baskets with consistent investment thesis have. That's why we created new baskets for different user profiles.
  • Reliability: our backend has been rewritten from scratch with reliability and maintenance as a design goal. It's a lot simpler to design and maintain integrations, as well as implementing new features in our UI. A lot of effort also went to testing facilities, to make sure that our product's dependencies are working properly.

Q: I noticed that each basket now has a logo. May I upload my own?

A: As of today, we don't have that feature. We're cooking up a cool launch action with your basket logos. Wait for our next updates for more information.

Q: What new protocols have you integrated with?

A: As part of the launch we're including our brand new Beefy integration (YAY!!!). We also included Kyber and Paraswap aggregators together with 0x to avoid faulty routes. And, we integrated Dodo, MMF and Meshswap to touch more liquidity on Polygon and improve price impacts.

Q: Do you have a cap for investments?

A: No. You're able to invest as much money as you want. However, if you intend to make investments higher than US$10k, we will alert you that uncontrolled price impacts may occur.
A: Not currently. Changes need to be implemented by you in your own basket. We intend to implement a semi-automatic rebalance feature in the near future.

Q: My NFT is not showing up on OpenSea or an old version of my NFT is showing. What should I do?

A: Looks like OpenSea caches a lot of NFT metadata. To solve that, go to OpenSea, click on the "Refresh metadata" button and then refresh the whole page. It should now display your rightfully earned NFT. If it doesn't work immediately, just wait a minute or two.